The Tycoon’s Forced Bride by Jane Porter


4 “homecoming” stars

Ava’s life as Manhattan Ballet principal ballerina has been shattered by a car accident. She fell into a coma and has suffered since from its after-effects, severe memory loss and dizziness. After years of therapy, she feels broken and has walked away from those who love her.
But one man refuses to give up on her : her husband, Malcolm. In business life, he always gets what he wants, in his private life, things have not been easy for him since Ava’s accident. He made mistakes and has paid for them. He is determined to be patient and figure out a way to start again as a family.

I enjoyed this bittersweet and emotional story of second chance. The title doesn’t do it justice though, nothing is “forced” in Malcolm’s behaviour towards Ava. I loved both characters, my only complaint is that the story was too short and could have been developped more. I give it 4 solid stars.

I received an ARC, courtesy of Tule Publishing, via NetGalley.


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