First Touch (First and Last #1) by Laurelin Paige

25223801._UY200_My 5 stars Review

Laurelin Paige has outdone herself with this book. The plot was breathtaking, suspenseful and mysterious. I had so many questions in my mind while reading this intriguing story. At the end of this first book, I felt I had been given some puzzle pieces, but they didn’t fit perfectly yet.
This author has a great talent for creating wonderful characters, totally flawed, but unforgettable.
Alayna and Hudson in the Fixed trilogy, Emily and Reeve in this series.

Emily Barnes/Wayburn has a rather naughty past. With her best friend Amber, she used men as sugar daddies to make a living. But after an horrific event, she decided to fend for herself and parted ways with Amber. Actress in a successful sitcom, she has gained her independency and is able to take care of her ailing mother. But she is caught up by her past, when she receives a call for help from Amber. After sending this message, her friend has simply vanished.

Emily’s investigation reveals that Amber was in contact with the infamous multibillionaire Reeve Sallis. She will need to get acquainted with the very private Reeve and seduce him to obtain the information she is looking for. But her attraction for this hot, controlling and uber alpha man is getting in the way of her plan, despite her loyalty to her long lost friend.
Reeve’s character is a mystery, is he responsible for Amber’s disappearance, is he really dangerous and connected to the mob ?

Laurelin Paige is a great storyteller. I enjoyed every second of this gripping, suspenseful, seductive and scorching hot story that has all the qualities to be an epic love tale, once the second part will be released and all questions will be answered. Highly recommended.


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