Pretty Broken Girl by Jeana E. Mann

PBGMy 4 Stars Review

Well, this book was a good surprise ! I love to discover new authors and the blurb of this book caught my attention. As it happens, Jeana E. Mann is an author I will definitely follow in the future. Her writing is very engaging, I simply could not put this book down. What really stood out for me is the way she writes sexual tension, and this story has it in spades !

Dakota Atwell and Samuel Seaforth used to be each other’s universe.  They believed their young love was stronger than anything else.  Against all odds, and despite Samuel’s father threats, they married at 18.  But two years later, Dakota left Samuel without a word of explanation. Deeply hurt, Samuel has never been able to forget her.

Ten years later, they are forced to meet again, when Samuel takes over the company Dakota works for.  According to his usual ruthless modus operandi, he intends to dismantle and absorb it in his own company.  He didn’t count on having to keep his ex-wife on board. As much as he loved her, he now wants to break her.  But he is haunted by the thought of her. Dakota has never forgiven herself for what she has been forced to do for the sake of her family. Both of them are trying very hard, but often failing, to hide their emotions. Their struggle was heartbreaking. But can Sam forgive Dakota and give their love a second chance ?

I looked into his eyes, needing reassurance, and found a cautious vulnerability that squeezed my heart. Deep inside this beautiful, angry man resided the boy I’d loved. The boy I’d hurt. The love of my life. The need to heal his wounds, to repair the damage I’d done, swept through me like an updraft of spring wind.

I really enjoyed this book. I must admit I had some problems believing Samuel’s passive attitude when he was confronted with Dakota’s decision to divorce, but apart from that, I found that the author did a great job with this story.  She combines past and present storytelling, with dual POV, which helps a lot to understand the characters. Dakota and Samuel’s story continues in the second book in the series, “Pretty Filthy Lies”. And, of course, I hope for an happy ending !



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