Crow (Boston Underworld #1) by Ashleigh Zavarelli

28977389._UY200_My 4 Stars Review

Loyalty is a value Mackenzie Wilder doesn’t take lightly.  She is ready to do whatever it takes to discover what happened to her best friend, Talia, a foster kid from the projects like her. To do that, she needs to follow the steps of her friend in the Irish and Russian mafia related underworld of the city.

Mackenzie is a strong, sassy heroine. She comes from a boxing champions family and it’s not a fight against the Irish syndicate champion that will stop her!  In fact, it’s exactly what she needs to get Lachlan Crow’s attention. A high-ranking syndicate member, he is a mysterious and dangerous man. The attraction between them is instant but they don’t trust each other and have both a hidden agenda. Not a very sound start of a relationship, obviously !

I enjoyed the heroes interactions, their easy banter, the way Mack is never afraid of Lachlan and likes to push his buttons. As their relationship progressed and the lines started to blur, Lachlan becomes more and more protective of Mack. Not an easy feat, as she refuses to be considered as a damsel in distress. But could the syndicate become Mack new family ?

I enjoyed this action-packed and suspenseful story, with an incredibly badass heroine and a controlling alpha hero. This story was different from the other books I read by Ms. Zavarelli, but I really like her writing. I would however have enjoyed feeling more the emotional connection of the main characters. This book is the first in the “Boston Underworld” series, and I can’t wait for the next one !


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