RoomHate by Penelope Ward

27083865._UY200_My 3.5 stars review

“I reminded myself of my plan to kill him with kindness.”

Amelia Payne and Justin Banks were childhood friends, until Amelia discovered her best friend kept something important from her and left without a word of explanation to live with her father.
Nine years later, Justin and Amelia are forced to meet again when Amelia’s grandmother leaves both of them a half of her summerhouse on Rhode Island.

Their first encounter after all those years is not precisely friendly. Justin is angry and really mean to Amelia. While I found that some of his remarks were funny, some others were rather over-the-top ! Not to mention that he did not come alone to the summerhouse, but with his girlfriend, Jade.
So, the starting point of this story is not really a happy old friends gathering !

Amelia doesn’t want them to remain virtual strangers and does all she can to reestablish a dialogue with Justin, trying to explain the reasons why she left. Little by little, both realize they have been foolish for wasting so many years in bitterness and estranged. They can’t deny the attraction they feel for each other. But Justin still has a girlfriend waiting for him in New-York. Is there any chance for a happy future together for them, especially when Amelia learns something that will change her life forever ?

Overall, I enjoyed this ex-friends/enemies to lovers story. It is a well-written and easy read, told in Amelia’s POV (at the exception of the epilogue). But the offensive and over-the-top attitude of Justin during the first part of the book somewhat spoiled the story for me and I could never really connect with his character.

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