Slip of the Tongue by Jessica Hawkins

1fd44fda-d512-4efc-98a5-7b52bde90f8aMy 4.5 Stars Review

“He wants me-he told me as much to my face. Nathan has said he doesn’t. How far are they willing to go ? How far am I?”

Jessica Hawkins is one of my favorite authors. This may be fangirling, but I will read every book she writes ! She has a gift to capture emotions in her writing and suck the reader in her story. Her books tend to involve love triangles and cheating. This is usually not my favorite type of books, but I know that this author will deliver a captivating and brilliant story, with a good dose of angst and I was not disappointed !
She brings here a realistic and honest reflection on married life, communication, trust and fate, told entirely in the h POV.

Sadie and Nathan Hunt used to be a happy couple in a perfect marriage. But since a few months, Sadie has the feeling to be alone in her marriage. Nathan’s behavior has become distant and even hostile at times. Sadie feels rejected and is at a loss. She doesn’t recognize her husband. When she meets her new neighbor, Finn, she finds some comfort in their friendly discussions. As the emotional distance between her and Nathan gets greater, she gets closer to Finn. There is the forbidden thrill to break the rules and the positive feeling of making someone happy. Finn wants her, Nathan doesn’t. But in this case, mistakes can’t be undone.

Nathan was not easy to like. Though he used to be a caring and generous husband, his closed off attitude and frequent absences led Sadie to devastating conclusions. At times, I was very angry at him. As the story progressed, I understood him better and the author managed to change my perspective on his character. Finn was fairly easy-going, he was at a crossroads in his life, emotionally and professionally. He wants a new start with Sadie but is she prepared to a future without Nathan ?

This story was not an easy read for me. Love triangles make me nervous ! But the writing style is just phenomenal. This book is a great page-turner with all the feels in true Jessica Hawkins style. It was an incredibly emotional ride. To put it simply, I loved it !

I highly recommend this brilliant author’s books ! Her voice is truly unique !

ARC gratefully received from the author in exchange for my honest review.



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