Target on our Backs by J. M. Darhower

28675507._UY200_My 4.5 Stars Review

“A leopard doesn’t change his spots”

I was so happy to get more of Naz and Karissa story ! As always, Ms. Darhower’s writing is flawless, the story is action-packed and suspenseful. But the added bonus here is the dual POV that gives such a multi-layered picture of the characters, I really enjoyed it. This is my favourite book in the series !

Naz and Karissa are now married. That being said, Naz is still Naz : enigmatic, intense and protective. Above all else, he has chosen Karissa and nothing will change his decision. His relationship with her is based on trust, understanding and honesty, even if his bluntless might be unsettling for her at times. They are happy together.

“The sound of her laughter, of her happiness, does to me something nothing else can.
It cuts straight through my darkness.
With her, I almost feel light.”

Naz wants to be a good man, the man his wife thinks he can be. But he is still dealing with the mob, even if he wants out. He is constantly worried his troubled past will catch up with them, make her pay for loving him. In this book, the author introduces a new powerful and dangerous mafia boss, an old acquaintance of Naz that he refuses to consider as a friend. Is Lorenzo Gambini a threat or an ally, the question remains open, but I hope to know more about this intriguing character in future books !

The angst level was high in this story, I had this sense of dread in the back of my mind, but, after all, Karissa and Naz are survivors ! As in her other books, this author’s writing style is captivating, I was totally engrossed in my reading. I was however not a fan of the ending, I had to suspend my disbelief. But the epilogue was just perfect !

I highly recommend this series, this is one of the best mafia stories I have ever read !


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