Wild Aces by Marni Mann

25324697._UY200_My 3 Stars Review

You’re ice.”
“You’re a shadowy frosty night. You’re freezing rain.”

Wild Aces was my first book by Marni Mann. Though I greatly enjoyed her writing style, to be honest, I was not totally convinced by the story and the characters of this book. The coincidences at the origin of the plot seemed a bit far-fetched for my liking.

The heroes, Brea and Trapper meet at a masquerade party. Their connection is instant … probably too much for me. I felt that the foundation of their relationship was not enough developed and seemed a bit superficial, not enough emotional.

I loved the hero of this story, Trapper Montgomery. He is a talented and successful professional poker player and has a very dark past, that left him deeply scarred. I was intrigued by his complex, enigmatic personality and his mysterious dealings related to his import business. But I will not reveal more to keep this review spoilerfree ! Playing poker is his escape from his dark and ugly memories, and he has the luck to be surrounded by a group of people he trusts and who always have his back.

You give me a little attention, and I never let you go.”

Brea Bradley is strong and independent, but has her own issues. Although she has a great family and friends, she has had great difficulties to get past her grief after the death of her boyfriend. Meeting Trapper is her chance for a new start. And she is his chance for a lighter and happier future, that he so deserves.

Overall, I enjoyed this suspenseful and sexy story that started off with a powerful prologue. I would however have appreciated it more if its emotional aspect had been better developed. That being said, I will certainly check out Marni Mann’s other books.

I received an ARC, courtesy of Book Enthusiast Promotions, in exchange for my honest review.


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