Smoke and Fire : part 1 by Donna Grant

cover81381-smallMy 4 Stars Review

This book is the first installment in the Smoke and Fire serial, that is part of the ongoing Dark Kings series. As a newbie to Ms. Grant’s books, I felt a bit lost at first but the great narrative style and the characters caught my attention. I definitely want to go back and read all previous books !

What I really enjoyed is the possibility of a second chance for the heroes of this story : Ryder, the immortal Dragon King and Kinsey, a young human woman. It was obvious that despite their differences, they are soul mates and have great chemistry. They met three years before the start of this story and fell in love. But Ryder left Kinsey without a word of explanation. Neither one of them was able to move on. Since he left her, Ryder has watched Kinsey from afar, making sure she was safe. But with the recent attacks of the Dark Fae, their world might be in danger.

I’m looking forward to reading the second part of this serial to discover more about this suspenseful and addictive story.

I received an ARC, courtesy of publisher St. Martin’s Paperbacks, via NetGalley, in exchange for my honest feedback.


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