Dirty Dix (Hard Love Romance #1) by Monica James

29362316._UY200_My 4 Stars Review

Dr. Dixon Mathews is the total package. A successful psychiatrist, too gorgeous for his own good, he is also cocky, arrogant and a complete manwhore. You get the picture ! However, Ms James made me instantly love this character, with the brilliant, honest and witty way she brings his voice to life. He knows he is a mess and sees himself as a bad person without moral or ethics. After a damaging break-up, he has never dealt with his emotional scars. He helps others, but he didn’t help himself. For this reason, he refuses to commit or be emotionally involved.

His life gets complicated when he meets two women who are polar opposite and is interested in both of them, for different reasons.

When one night, he is forced to intervene to rescue Madison Roberts from an assailant, he is fascinated by her sweetness. Shortly later, Juliet Harte becomes his patient. Juliet is a toxic character but very quickly, Dixon is unable to resist her sexual appeal, despite the possible consequences of having a relationship with a patient.

With Madison, everything is different. He enjoys her company, being with her makes him happy and he hasn’t for a long time. She brings out Dixon protective side, and as the story progressed, Dixon falls hard for Madison. For the first time since he was betrayed by the woman he loved, he has hope and wants to make amends for his manwhoring ways.

Madison is a wonderful and honest character, but she sees herself as broken by events in her past. Being with Dixon gives her the strength to refuse to allow her secrets to weigh her down anymore. Dixon and Madison’s relationship is based on hope, trust and a feeling of safety. But all that could be destroyed by Juliet.

I really enjoyed reading Dirty Dix (previously titled “Addicted to Sin’”). I loved the way the author brings Madison and Dixon’s voice to life. This story was suspenseful, with an interesting and provocative plot, elegant writing and great characters. It ends with a mild cliffhanger, but the sequel “Wicked Dix” is available. And gosh, what a cover !


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