Taken Home by Ruth Cardello

27867331._UY200_My 4 Stars Review

Chelle Landon is desperate : she is the only single woman left in her small town and still a virgin ! After a chance encounter at a wedding with Mason Thorne, a former child star turned state senator, her problem might be temporarily solved, if she accepts to play the part of his fake fiancée for a while. This is a unique opportunity for Chelle to live an adventure and figure out what she wants in life. I loved how Chelle and Mason turn each other’s life upside down, it was funny but also emotional.

Mason is successful and ambitious, but he lacks a purpose other than professional. Scarred by his past and his distant relationship with his father, he is convinced he is incapable of love.

I liked the way the author described the evolution of Chelle and Mason’s relationship from fake engagement to true feelings. Apparently, they have nothing in common, but in reality, they are perfect for each other.

I enjoyed this story of a chance encounter that will change everything.  It was an easy, fairly slow build up read, without angst and with likable characters. If, like me, you enjoy stories where the characters have to make a life choice, make peace with their past and discover what or who is their game changer, this story is perfect for you !

I received a copy of this book, courtesy of the publisher, via NetGalley, in exchange for my honest review.

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