Cover Reveal : Jaq With A Q by Jettie Woodruff

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Excerpt Reveal: 

Her tone was anxious, quick words shooting out without a pause. “Hello, why are you calling me now? Why aren’t you in bed sleeping?” “I’m sorry. I couldn’t sleep. Did I wake you?” I questioned, feigning ignorance that she would never get. “No, I wasn’t sleeping either. I haven’t slept for many months, not even for a few minutes. I just read an article where this guy had something called, oh I forget, but it’s very serious, a genetic mutation is probably taking over my body right now. I tried to look it up, so I could read more about it, but my computer is junk and stupid.” I couldn’t get a word in edge wise, Jaq’s mind was in a determined state. Therefore, my words were brushed over with her self-diagnosing babble. “You just said the key word, Jaq. Genetic. Did your mother or father die from it, did anyone in your family die from fatal familial insomnia?” “Yes, that’s it. FFI. That’s what I have. That’s why I can’t sleep. You know I’m probably not going to need you. When sleep doesn’t come, death does. That’s what it said. The article. I could live for months in a twilight world. That’s how horrible it is. It happens fast too, like months. Maybe we shouldn’t wait. You know? I wouldn’t want to suffer like that.” Telling Jaq that she wasn’t dying from that disease was like telling Silas to pick one girl. Therefore, I didn’t even try. I moved around it





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