Always for you : Jack (Sergeant Joe’s Boys #1) by Alexis Morgan


25982502._UY200_My 4 Stars Review

Jack McShane recently had to deal with two heartbreaks : the death of his beloved foster father and a serious knee injury forcing him to retire from the Special Forces. He feels the story repeats itself when he becomes the legal guardian of Ricky, a runaway teenager who has been living in the streets for some time, just like him more than a decade ago. The description of the young boy’s difficult family situation was heartbreaking.

Thanks to his foster parents, Jack and his two adopted brothers have had the chance at a better life and he wants to do the same for Ricky.

Caitlyn Curtis is the tutor hired to work with the boy. I loved Jack and Caitlyn’s interactions, both are generous, caring and genuine characters. They share a common objective to protect and give hope to Ricky. They need to gain his trust and identify who wants to hurt him. The focus of the story is also on the attraction they feel for each other. I must admit that I would have loved their romance to be less instant and more developed by the author.

For the first time since her divorce, Caitlyn feels ready for a new relationship. Jack is very insecure, due to his rough start in life, before he was adopted by his foster parents. For both of them, the time has come to let their guard down and give a chance at happiness together.

Overall, I enjoyed this beautiful and heartwarming story of hope and love, with a wonderful family spirit. The characters were well-developed and full of positive energy. I loved Jack, he is tender, loyal to his foster father’s last wishes and deeply attached to his family. There was a lot going on plot wise, that really kept my attention. I can’t wait to read more about Jack’s brothers in future books in the series.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.


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