Someone Like You (The Harrisons) by Jennifer Gracen

26025620._UY200_My 4.5 Stars Review

After a heart-break, Abby Mc Cord has moved back to her parents’ house on Long Island. She is a first-grade teacher and during her free-time, she also coaches the kids’ soccer team of her town.
When Pierce Harrison sees the team playing … and losing, he comes to the conclusion that Abby could do with some pro tips and volunteers to help with the coaching.

This famous wealthy bad boy’s life is not what it seems. After a miserable childhood, he has decided to get away from the billion-dollar legacy of his family and has been playing professional football abroad for more than a decade. But after a scandal has forced him to retire, he has recently moved back home. He is at a crossroads and needs to decide how he will make a life for himself.

He finds Abby’s normalcy and spirit very appealing. He is fascinated by the warm way her family interacts, caring about one another. Neither Abby nor Pierce can deny they are attracted to each other, but can Abby let her guard down, to live in the moment and give a relationship a chance?

I loved both characters, they were complex, generous and genuine. Both crave for something more in life, and that “more” still needs to be defined. This story had depth, was romantic, emotional and sweet. It is part of a series about the wealthy Harrison family but can be read as a standalone.
I will definitely follow this author in the future.

I received a copy of this book, courtesy of publisher Kensington Books, in exchange for my honest review.


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