Bend Me, Break Me, Bind Me (The Complete Absolution series) by Sophia Scarlet


My Review

4 out of 5 Stars

Agnès Bright has forgotten she has a life to live since the death of her baby boy and the disintegration of her marriage. She feels nothing but numbness and desperately wants to move beyond it. She is convinced that pain and humiliation could help her heal her wounds. When she finds an ad placed by Marcus Stone, looking for a submissive, she feels she has found a way out of her emotional emptiness. As it happens, Agnès and Marcus share the same need for violent release with a trusted partner. But her encounter with Marcus’s friend, David, will trigger an intense emotional reaction. With him, she begins to feel again. She feels helpless but truly safe and alive. She is finally able to cry. David is the tender dominant she desperately needed.

Agnès and David fall hard for each other. But David feels vulnerable. He wants to move forward and convince her they belong together forever. Things get complicated when he discovers that Agnès hasn’t told him everything about her previous life. David didn’t know she was still married. And even if her divorce procedure is ongoing, he can’t accept it.

I loved how Agnès and David relationship progressed and grew in this story. Both will realize that what matters are true feelings, that a relationship is not perfect or simple and that honesty is key.

I enjoyed this edgy and unique story. It was heartbreaking at times, but also very tender and heartwarming. The author’s writing is very sensual and has an authentic feel. The characters are well-developped and likable. This book is a bundle of the three installments in the Absolution series, with a happy ending and perfect epilogue. I will definitely follow Sophia Scarlet in the future !

I received a copy of this book from the author, in exchange for an honest review.

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