Then He Kissed Me (Cottonbloom Novels #2) by Laura Trentham


My Review

Rating : 4.5 out of 5 Stars

Laura Trentham has blown me away again with this second installment in her Cottonbloom series! I loved every minute of Tally and Nash’s story! Its emotional intensity was perfectly balanced by some hilarious moments, that made me laugh-out-loud!

If you have read “Kiss Me That Way”, you know that Tally Fournette, is Cade’s younger sister. Like her brothers, her childhood has been marked by difficult living conditions after the loss of their parents. Nash Hawthorne was a neighbor from the Louisiana side of the river, and had been her best friend for years. As children, they were inseparable, until Nash lost his mother and moved to the other side of the river, to live with his aunt. Cottonbloom is a small Southern town divided in two by the river : the wealthy Mississipi side and the poor Louisiana side and they are worlds apart. So, for years, Tally and Nash barely saw each other. Nash left for Europe, to obtain his PhD in History.

Nash is finally back in Cottonbloom, to teach History at the local college. And, of course, he wants to reconnect with Tally. Despite her struggles as an orphaned child, she has made good in her professional life and is a small business owner. But she is scared of being hurt and abandoned again, she feels the adult Nash and her are nothing alike. He is a scholar and she hates books, due to her untreated and well-hidden dyslexia problems. Her feelings of inadequacies were heartbreaking but nothing could undermine Nash’s determination to win her over and show her that they are meant to be together. I loved Nash, he was genuine and definitely swoon-worthy!

This book was a winner for me and I highly recommend it. It was such a gorgeous story of two adults with wonderful childhood memories, but separated by a tragic loss, reconnecting and finding the meaning of true love. The secondary characters were also well-developped and engaging. I loved the family interactions with Cade and Sawyer, Tally’s brothers. And, as the rivalries between the two sides of Cottonbloom are still going strong, I can’t wait for the next installment in this series, featuring Sawyer Fournette, parish commissioner of the Louisiana side and Regan Lovell, mayor of the Mississipi side.

ARC generously provided by publisher Saint Martin’s Press, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.

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