Chasing Eva by Camellia Hart


After her father’s death, Eva Avery has taken over her family’s company, one of the top interior design firm in the country. But her company is in danger when several customers decide to terminate their contract. Among this group of customers, the main one is Stanton Entreprises managed by famous billionaire and playboy Clive Stanton.

Clive and Eva are not strangers. They met when they were teenagers and Clive has never forgotten Eva. Clive wants to help Eva and his experience as Special Forces officer and his FBI connections could be very useful. There is an ongoing FBI investigation based on suspicions of corporate fraud involving an informant illegally passing privileged corporate information to the competition. Clive gets involved and intends to track the informant, who might also be responsible for her father’s death. Clive will do everything in his power to protect Eva.

To be honest, I had some issues with this story. The plot was intriguing, but nothing much happened in this first book of the series, the pace was rather slow. On top of that, I never felt the connection between Clive and Eva. I didn’t understand why Clive never forgot Eva after meeting her a few times. I guess the story would have been better if it had focused more on those past events, it would have helped to connect with the characters. I know I’m in the minority with my lukewarm review, so don’t let it deter you from reading this book. It was just not a story for me.

ARC provided by the author and Xpresso Book Tours, in exchange for an honest review.


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