Just Kiss Me by Rachel Gibson

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My Review

Rating : 5 out of 5 Stars

“I double-dog dare you Henry!”

Rachel Gibson has delivered a wonderful homecoming story, with a lot of humor and southern charm. I have been a fan of Ms. Gibson’s stories for many years, I have had the pleasure of reading most of her books and she never disappoints.

Vivien Leigh Rochet is a famous actress, living the life of the rich and swanky in L.A., far from her hometown of Charleston and from her mother. After the sudden death of her mother, she is finally back. Her homecoming brings back good and bad childhood memories. Vivien is from the wrong side of the tracks, or rather the lawn. She grew up in a converted carriage house, across the lawn of the sprawling Whitley-Schuler mansion, working for Ms. Whitley-Schuler and her two sons, “scary” Henry and Spence. They were not friends, but not just neighbors either. In fact, after years of dusting Henry and Spence’s bedrooms and rummaging through their closet, Vivien knew a lot about them and their secrets!

Henry is unlike the boy she knew. Gone is the uptight and contemptuous jerk, the boy who was the bane of her life and confronted her with her lies and snooping activities. He is now all grown up and gorgeous. He is a changed man, though. Henry had followed the path that was expected from him, went to a prestigious university and became a banker, with the corner office and an inflated ego that nearly killed him, after he suffered from a heart attack. His vision on life is now changed completely. He focusses on what he really loves, working with wood and producing custom millwork.

The dynamic between Vivien and Henry was so much fun. He makes her laugh and forget her sorrow. As a child, Vivien annoyed and provoked him, and she still does. In fact, she drives him insane, until he loses control and can’t resist her. Their mutual attraction can’t be denied. Things get complicated when Henry has to intervene to protect Vivien from long buried family secrets. Henry has always been the responsible one, expected to fix everything. But this time, lying to Vivien could be a huge mistake.

This story made me laugh, Vivien’s childhood diary entries were outright hilarious. It also made me sigh of happiness. “Just Kiss Me” had the perfect balance of humor, emotions and chemistry, the trademark of a must read in my book! I would have loved a longer epilogue, though.

An advanced copy of this book was provided by the publisher Random House UK, Transworld Publishers, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.


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