Till I Kissed You (Cottonbloom #3) by Laura Trentham


My review

Rating : 4 out of 5 Stars
This final installment in the Cottonbloom series features Sawyer Fournette, parish commissioner of the Louisiana side of Cottonbloom and Regan Lovell, mayor of the Mississipi side. Sawyer and Regan were college sweethearts but a misunderstanding and Regan’s mother manipulations separated them. More than a decade later, both are organizing a festival for their side of Cottonbloom, with the aim of winning the Heart of Dixie competition and the associated grant money. But someone doesn’t want Regan’s festival to happen. Sawyer is worried about recent sabotages and acts of vandalism on both sides of the river. Despite their rivalry, he is concerned about Regan’s safety and wants to protect her.

For the last decade, their lives have run parallel on opposite sides of Cottonbloom, but with the latest events, it seems they can’t get away from each other. Regan and Sawyer’s understanding is natural, Regan could easily trust him but she feels she can’t afford it based on their past history. But as they join forces to catch the arsonist and vandal, they realize that the time has come to forget their past mistakes and look toward the future. They are no more star-crossed lovers, the poor boy from the Louisiana side dating the preppy girl from the Mississippi side. They have succeeded professionally, but both are lonely. If they accept that they are meant for each other, they could get a second chance at love.

This book was another winner in the beautiful Cottonbloom series. The story was heartfelt, humorous and emotional. I loved the small town setting and the interactions with the Fournette siblings, Cade and Tally, and their partners, Monroe and Nash, respectively. This book was probably not my favorite in the trilogy, but it is still a great addition to this entertaining and colourful series. It was the perfect conclusion to the Cottonbloom/Fournette saga, with a sweet and delightful epilogue. It can be read as a standalone, but I would recommend reading this series in order, to fully enjoy the stories and the great cast of characters.

An advanced copy of this book was provided by the publisher St. Martin’s Press, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.

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