Tailored for Trouble (Happy Pants #1) by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff


My Review

Rating : 4 out of 5 Stars


With ‘Tailored for Trouble”, Mimi Jean Pamfiloff has delivered a charming romantic comedy, that I read almost in one sitting. This tender, sweet and funny look at love and destiny was highly entertaining and pulled me in from the first page.

Taylor Reed and billionaire businessman Bennett Wade were enemies at first sight, or so it seems. However, Bennett wants to hire Taylor to coach him on the fine art of effective leadership and people empowerment. Taylor is a corporate coach and even if she feels no sympathy for the man who is responsible for the loss of her previous job, she needs the money for her startup company to survive. She feels Bennett would be a perfect test case and a great challenge for her training program.

Bennett is a complex and charismatic character and first appears to be a contemptuous jerk. He is shrewd, calculating and overbearing, but can also be charming, attentive and warm, though. Taylor has a tendency to share her views regardless of the consequences or the feelings of others. I loved her very spontaneous personality.

Bennett is enigmatic and Taylor can’t figure him out at first. She can sense he has an ulterior motive of some sort and manipulates her, though. She is sassy and feisty but, with Bennett, she gets flustered and has feelings of inadequacy. But as they get to know each other, she realizes that behind his rough and intimidating exterior, he is generous, kind and desperately wants her to see his real personality. Due to past mistakes, he feels unworthy of love and needs Taylor’s help to forgive himself.

Taylor and Bennett were a perfect match, complementing each other ideally. Their dynamic was so much fun and their chemistry was off the charts hot!
This is a story with many twists and turns, as Bennett and Taylor travel the world for his business. My only complaint is that there was sometimes a bit too much drama for my liking.

Overall, this feel good enemies-to-lovers story was a fun and light read, with engaging characters and a whimsical touch. This standalone is the first book in the Happy Pants series, and I can’t wait for the next book by this talented author!

An ARC was provided courtesy of the publisher, via NetGalley



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