Review : Sugar Rush (Sugar Bowl #2) by Sawyer Bennett


My Review

Rating : 4.5 out of 5 Stars

I was super excited to start reading this book. “Sugar Daddy” was a riveting and thrilling story, but OMG that cliffhanger was painful! I couldn’t wait to get my hands on its sequel! This book focusses on Sela’s revenge, devised and implemented by Beck, and ends on a cliffhanger.

“Sugar Rush” picks up where “Sugar Daddy” left off. Beck slowly understands that Sela didn’t lie about JT. His friend definitely has the potential to harm a woman. He is ashamed of the way he discounted her claim of rape and wants to apologize to her. As it happens, the ordeal they went through serves as a confirmation of their deep feelings for each other.

Beck will do everything in his power to help Sela, he is determined to make things right for her. She admits her obsession to kill JT. But although she still needs to seek justice for herself, she will do nothing if it endangers her relationship with Beck. I loved that she could count on Beck’s loyalty. His friendship with JT is over and he intends to take him down. His dilemma is how to do it, taking into account the consequences of his choices. He devises a plan to force JT to accept a buyout from The Sugar Bowl, which would be a legally acceptable way to make JT pay for his actions. But even the best-laid plans can go wrong, especially if the malice of the adversary has been underestimated.

Once again, this book was unputdownable, addictive and perfectly written. It is now obvious that Beck and Sela are soulmates. Their relationship is based on trust and loyalty, their interactions were sexy as hell and so sweet! The reader also gets to know more about Beck’s family, and let’s just say that there were some shocking revelations I didn’t expect. Needless to mention that I’m dying to read the final book in the trilogy!

An advanced copy of this book was provided courtesy of the publisher, via NetGalley.


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