Review : To Kiss a Thief (The Runaway Desires #1) by Susanna Craig


My review

Rating : 4.5 out of 5 Stars

I loved this beautiful story of homecoming and redemption, set in Georgian England. The author’s writing is elegant and emotion inducing, the main characters are engaging and likeable. This book is a great debut by an author I will definitely follow in the future.

Newly married Sarah Pevensey is accused of infidelity and theft by her husband’s family. Unfortunately, appearances are deceptive, she was caught in a compromising position with another man and a family heirloom in her possession disappeared.
Her marriage to St. John Sutliffe, Viscount Fairfax, was a mere business agreement arranged by her father. She knows she is a fool to have fallen in love with a husband who doesn’t reciprocate her feelings and married her for her dowry. To avoid prison and the scandal, she has no other choice than to run away to the country and disappear from her husband’s life.

Three years later, St. John is back from the West Indies, where he left to escape the shame and the sorrow caused by his cheating wife. He was led to believe that Sarah was dead. When he discovers she is still alive, he tracks her down to a small fishing village on the coast, where she lives with her daughter. Their reunion is anything but cordial. He still sees her as a false-hearted liar, she wants the wrong to be righted. St. John is conflicted though, he feels guilty about abandoning her and has doubts about her actual guilt. He has to admit that after a token courtship and only two weeks of marriage, they didn’t know each other and he might have misjudged his wife. He was never indifferent to her but is convinced that love is a risk not worth taking.

St. John is a great character, he is open, genuine and gentle, but still deeply hurt by his wife’s apparent betrayal. Sarah is kind-hearted and courageous, she has found her place in the village and has friends who trust her, unlike her husband. However, she can’t resist the attraction she feels for him as he insinuates himself in her life. Sarah and St. John have much in common, and are forever united by an adorable little girl. Their bond can’t be denied. Against all odds, St. John finds himself wooing his wife, showing her sincere affection. But he needs to convince her that she can trust him with her heart.

What a treat to read this charming story! I definitely can’t wait for the next installment in the author’s “Runaway Desires” series. If you enjoy a smart historical romance with all the feels, this book is a great pick!

An advanced copy of this book was provided by the publisher, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.

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