Review : Intrigue (Infinitus Billionaires #3) by E. B. Walters


Rating : 3.5 out of 5 Stars

Rod Thorne is a billionaire, member of the infamous Infinitus group. He is a self-made man, he worked hard and now owns a billion dollar company. He tends to live for the moment and refuses entanglements with women. His chance encounter with Terri Randall is a shock to his system. She is bold, outspoken and their chemistry is explosive. For the first time, Rod wants more than a one-night-stand, and he always gets what he wants. But he is confused and distracted by his feelings for her.

Terri is an enigma. She doesn’t believe in forever love and is all about booty calls and one-night-stands. As the Chameleon, she is famous for hosting high-stakes poker games for high-rollers. But apart from that, everything about her is shrouded in mystery and secrets, that Rod wants to uncover.

He obtains an invitation to one of her games, and they start an intense game of cat and mouse. Rod is intrigued, he feels Terri is running from something or somebody and intends to protect her. Terri is unpredictable and I loved that she kept him on his toes, often giving him the slip. But she definitely needs Rod’s protection when a ghost of their past reappears in their life and threatens her.

This book was a good read, well-written, very hot and with complex characters. However, I felt that something was missing in the way the suspense was built, the pace was a bit slow at times, and I didn’t get the edge-of-your seat feeling. But overall, I enjoyed this story, that can be read as a standalone, and will definitely go back and read the two previous installments in this series. I’m intrigued by those Infinitus billionaires!

A copy of this book was provided by the publisher, via NetGalley.



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