Review : Jax by J.L. Perry


Published November 27th 2016 by Hachette Australia, 384 pages
Rating : 4 out 5 stars

“Jax” is a story of second chance, with two characters rising above rejection and achieving happiness and love. Candice and Jax are close friends and kindred spirits. Neither one of them is happy. Jax is trapped in a world he hates. His father is a politician and expects him to follow the same career path. Candice feels she is not cut out for the beauty pageants her mother expects her to enter.

Both have their own unique style that is not accepted in their family’s social circle, Jax is inked and pierced, Candice is a pink-haired beauty. Jax craves his parents’ approval but they consistently reject him. When he drops out of university and opens a tattoo parlor, his family severs all ties with him. For the first time, Jax can be the person he wanted to be and is determined to follow his own path in life. Candice is heartbroken when he leaves without saying goodbye, and knows her life will be changed forever.

Several years later, they are reunited by fate. They have missed their friendship, but they are both hiding their true feelings for one another. This is a story of misconceptions. Jax is convinced that, although he loves Candice, he is not the right man for her and wants her to find happiness with someone else. Candice is convinced that she’ll never be enough for him. Are they ready to take a huge leap of faith and stop hiding their true feelings?

These characters are flawed, but irresistible! J.L Perry has a knack for making you feel. Her writing is addictive and her storytelling has the perfect balance of emotions, humor and chemistry. You love her characters and sometimes you just want to knock some sense into them! Overall, Jax was a beautiful story of love (finally) triumphing over all obstacles.

An advance copy of this book was provided by the publisher, via NetGalley.


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