Review : Somebody’s Baby (Darling, VT #3) by Donna Alward


Published April 4th 2017 by St. Martin’s Paperbacks


Veterinarian Rory Gallagher chose a different path from his brothers, both of whom became first responders in the lovely little town of Darling, Vermont. Rory’s always had an affinity for animals—and the ladies. Known for his impressive track record in breaking hearts, Rory never meant to hurt anyone; he’s just never been in a hurry to settle down. It’s not as if he needs to pay a visit to the town’s famed Kissing Bridge to magically find love. He’ll know The One when he sees her. . .right?

Oaklee Ferguson is the kid sister of Rory’s best friend—and, even now that she’s all grown up, remains immune to the pet-doctor’s charms. When she shows up at Rory’s clinic late one night—devastated after hitting a stray dog with her car—Rory’s so-called “bedroom eyes” are the last thing on her mind. Still, his care and kindness toward the dog, and his concern for her feelings, catches Oaklee by surprise. . .and soon the two (and rescued dog makes three!) begin to share a deep connection that neither could have ever imagined. Could it be that love has been waiting for them by the bridge all along?

My review

 Rating : 4.5 out of 5 Stars

Somebody’s Baby is the third installment in Donna Alward’s Darling, VT, series and is centered around the youngest Gallagher brother, Rory and his best friend’s little sister, Oaklee. It is a lovely and heartfelt story of growing beyond your past and allowing yourself to be loved, set in a charming town with colorful and quirky residents.

I loved Rory Gallagher from the start. He is a vet, competent and accomplished. As a friend, he is easygoing and nice. But he doesn’t believe in HEA anymore, his heart was broken and he is not looking for anything serious in his private life. He seems emotionally unavailable. When Oaklee Collier brings a badly injured stray dog to his clinic, he is surprised to see her all grown up. As a teenager, Oaklee had a crush on him, but then life happened and they lost sight of each other.

Their chemistry and mutual attraction was undeniable. I loved their interactions, the banter, the tweets they exchanged. They are both endearing and relatable characters, Donna Alward did a great job at portraying their deep emotional connection in a very credible way. Oaklee is strong, fun and caring, but she is convinced that they are not compatible. She was deeply hurt by her runaway fiancé and she is afraid of caring too deeply. We see her struggle with the emotional conflict between her attraction to Rory and her trust issues. But maybe the time has come for both of them to take a chance on love again.

I loved the emotional aspect of this story, its sweetness was irresistible. The whole Gallagher family was ever present as the story unfolded and adds warmth to it. This heartfelt read takes you on a journey to Rory and Oaklee’s well deserved happily ever after, and is everything I have come to expect from a favorite small town romance.

Thanks for visiting and happy reading!

I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher, via NetGalley.



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